Kainuun yrityskummit


Yrityskummit are experienced entrepreneurs, managers or business life experts in an active age. They share their own experience to entrepreneurs and pursue entrepreneur's best interests.

Yrityskummit are already sparring operating companies as well as start-ups. When a company is seeking for ideas, growth, pursuing new markets or pondering their operation mode, a conversation partner could be helpful.

Services are confidential and free.

You can find information about national yrityskummi operations from www.yrityskummit.fi sivustolta. There is also a link where you can leave a request for the services.

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You can also apply for the service directly from our contact personnel in Kainuu:

Matti Luukkonen, Kainuun Etu Oy
p. +358 (0)44 551 4561

Osmo Arffman, aluekummi
+358 50 0586698

Kainuun Etu Ltd. and Kainuun Yrittäjät support our operations.

Kainuun Yrityskummit:


Veijo Alm
Koneistamo Alm
Entrepreneur 1982 – 2008
Chairman of the board of directors
Metal industry, subcontracting and logistics, company idea and the utilisation of it

Osmo Arffman
Former sector director of Osuuskauppa Maakunta
retail trade, acquisitions and marketing

Kari Sissala
+358 (0)50 028 2704

Mauri Hyyryläinen
Former director of Kajaani's Sampo pankki
Financial management and accounting, human resources, leadership

Tauno Hälinen
Entrepreneur of LVI-Aitta 1973 - 2007
Generational changes, organisation, leadership

Markku Jauhiainen
Entrepreneur of Katera Steel 1978 - 2011
Metal industry, contract preparation and encouragement of entrepreneurs

Marja Karjalainen
Chief Executive Officer
ICT and telecommunications technology and services, ICT investments, innovations, member in several boards of director

Tuomo Karjalainen
Business politics of public communities

Mauri Kemppainen
Former entrepreneur and Chief Executive Officer of Ebsolut
IICT sector and especially software and hardware development, products and new investments

Arto Okkonen
IEntrepreneur of Imagon Ltd.
Strategy, board of directors work, encouragement of entrepreneurs

Seppo Räsänen
Entrepreneur and stakeholder, Trippi Ltd.
Demanding product development, marketing and sales of special products

Kari Sissala
Former Chief Executive Officer of Kainuun Osuuspankiki
Finding the company's opportunities, organisation, funding

Esko Suomalainen
IT management and Kaisanet's director of security
Entrepreneur background

Eero Suutari
Entrepreneur and member of Sunit's board of directors
Leading a growth company, utilisation of innovations, board of directors work

Erkki Tenkula
Entrepreneur 1970 - 2011
Forming of companies with different kinds of business entities, interpretation of accounting

Riitta-Liisa Väisänen
Entrepreneur, education company Fame and Fasade 1990-
Lecturer of marketing in University of Applied Sciences,
Sales and marketing, running the education company


Erkki Airaksinen
Former Chief Executive Officer of Kuhmo Osuuspankki
Company's personnel and financial management as well as funding

Arto Appelgren
Entrepreneur of Kuhmo AA-Puu 1997 - 2010
Chairman of Hotelli Kainuu's and Kallio konepaja's board of directors
Mechanical wood refinement

Jari Kanerva
Entrepreneur of Palvelukoti Kanerva 1993 - 2011
Social work and health sector

Eila Kyllönen
Former entrepreneur in transportation sector
Encouragement of entrepreneurs, financial management

Helena Malinen
Former entrepreneur of Kaesan Kotileipomo
Bakery sector

Pentti Salmela
Gas station entrepreneur
Distribution of fuel and cafe activities


Pertti Penttilä
Logistics company Pertti Penttilä 1987
Kiehimän Piha 2003-2012
Sheltered home Pekkala 2004-2013


Jukka Heikkinen
Merchant in Spar 1984-2004
Retail, customer service and sales

Juhani Leinonen
Former entrepreneur of KRP-Hallimyymälä
Stakeholder in Vuokatin keilahalli


Eero Kovalainen
Former entrepreneur of Kovalainen Ltd.
Former entrepreneur of Namelli Ltd.

Yrjö Moilanen
Entrepreneur, Snomas Ltd. 1986-1993
Entrepreneur Sumetec Lrd. 1993-2016
Metal sector's business, import

Kari Raappana
Entrepreneur of Suomussalmen Kiinteistöhuollon (Suomussalmi's property maintenance)