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Mining industry

The availability and production of natural resources are central wealth and success creators in a changing world. Mineral industry consists of the mining industry that produces ore and industry minerals as well as the industry that refines stone material and natural stones. Companies that produce the machinery, technology or services that are required in the field are also a part of mineral industry.

In the Kainuun Etu Ltd.'s project portfolio, the mining industry focuses on the sustainable utilisation of the region's geological riches and on furthering the supporting service business. With the natural stone, the goal is to raise the refinement quality of the raw material, highly specialised production and furthering the commerce of the stone product industry.

Together with the industry experts, Kainuun Etu Ltd. has manufactured Finland's first regional development programme for the mining industry (2009-2015). It is still functioning to this day as a guide for developing the region's mining industry – the project portfolio that is related to the programme is naturally updated, among other things, to meet the needs of the companies.

Files, attachments and sources

  • Finland's mineral strategy (in Finnish)
  • Overview of mineral cluster's outlook - 2016 (in Finnish)
  • Finland to be the pioneer of the sustainable mining industry - operation plan (in Finnish)
  • Mining industry's sector report - 2015 (in Finnish)
  • Ore searching companies operating in Finland - metals and industry minerals (in Finnish)
  • Metal refining in Finland: current situation and future challenges - 22/2016 (in Finnish)
  • Development outlooks of the stone material and of the natural stone industry - 2016 (in Finnish)