Our activities

What is Kainuun Etu Ltd.?

Kainuun Etu Ltd. is a regional development company owned by the municipalities of Kainuu. We exist to help companies which are interested in developing their business.

What do we do?

Our task is to support the development of Kainuu's business structure and to help our region's keysector companies with the development of their business know-how, competitiveness, internationalization, growth and cooperation as well as develop key clusters and their operation conditions.

What have we achieved?

During its existence, Kainuun Etu Ltd. has made it possible to realise projects requested by companies for the value of more than 50 million euros. The common funds have been obtained mainly from the European Union and from the companies involved. By means of these development projects, together with the entrepreneurs and development partners, we have been able to create growth and improve the vitality of the region. By means of the growth and regeneration of the companies, we create steady jobs.

What are the prerequisites for us to be successful?

Constructive cooperation with different stakeholders is the condition for Kainuun Etu Ltd's operation to succeed. Stakeholders include numerous local organizations and companies as well as international partnership organizations and networks.

Kainuu Etu Ltd's operations are managed by a board of directors that consists of representatives from Kainuu's municipalities and businesses. The current board of directors consists from the following members:

  • Teemu Niva vdeputy member Tero Paukkeri, Kajaani
  • Esa Kemppainen deputy member Outi Kuvaja, Hyrynsalmi
  • Markku Nivakoski deputy member Anna-Kaarina Uusitalo, Puolanka
  • Pirjo Kähkönen deputy member Erno Heikkinen, Suomussalmi
  • Pentti Vihanto deputy member Outi Penttinen, Sotkamo
  • Pekka Heikkinen deputy member Maarit Rauhala, Kuhmo
  • Tuula Korvajärvi deputy member Erkki Kemppainen, Paltamo
  • Helka Tolonen deputy member Olli Pietilä, Ristijärvi
  • Miira Raiskila deputy member Reijo Virkkunen, Vaala
  • Jari Haapaniemi, auxiliary Henna Karlsson
  • Miariikka Tervonen auxiliary Ismo Jauhiainen