I4B - From Idea to Business

Idea in mind? How do you transform your idea into innovation? The from idea to a business -team will seek the routes to enable your idea and will surround you with an active development network.

Project Background

From idea to a business (I4B) -project's goal is the activation, support, speeding up, and improving the quality of the development of new ideas. New potential ideas in different development phases are gathered within Kainuu, which will be refined towards innovation together; from idea to a business. The purpose is to act as a middleman between businesses, research and education institutes as well as financiers. Concurrently topical information about new development trends and opportunities will be brought for the businesses also. The cooperation between the region's innovation environment will be tightened multilaterally, which will bring forth the region's expertise and services for the businesses. The results of research and development from different actors will be transferred for other businesses to utilize. The cooperation will be furthered in a networking manner, for example in training events and in workshops, where different actors and businesses have the opportunity to present their operations.

Project goals

The concrete goal is to develop an efficient operation model to Kainuu, which will boost, together with different actors, the refinement of ideas to innovation.

Numerical Goals:

  • Find and process 100 product and service ideas, from which 10 will result in innovation
  • Strengthen the know-how, competitiveness and internationalization of at least 100 businesses
  • Create 30 development project application that the businesses have drew up.

    Project actions

  • To seek, gather and deliver new topical information for the businesses and other actors
  • To investigate the best financing opportunities to further the ideas; to seek enablers
  • To activate and to guide the businesses to utilize existing financing and development services from different actors
  • To develop expertise as well as networks to commercialize innovations, for example in the form of trainings
  • To seek the best available substance experts for different needs
  • To further the creation of Kainuu's regional fund to support and diversify the financing opportunities for innovation actions.

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    Project information
    Hankkeen tiedot

    I4B - Ideasta bisnekseksi

    Implementation time:

    01.09.2018 – 31.08.2021


    1 093 700 €


    Regional Council of Kainuu (ERDF) 75% / 820 275 €
    Kainuun Etu Ltd. 25% / 273 425 €

    Matti Luukkonen

    Project director

    +358 44 551 4561
    Olli Isoranta

    ICT Specialist

    +358 44 551 3842
    Pauli Piilma

    Project manager

    +358 44 551 2921