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Tourism, creative fields and food industry (experience industry)

Experience production is a title under which Kainuun Etu Ltd works to make Kainuu's tourism, culture and content production flourish. The experience production sector is linked closely with the food industry.

The development of Kainuu's regional tourism and the coordination of international tourism marketing has been made Kainuun Etu Ltd's responsibility. In this mission, the company has started forum activity for travel operators. Its goal is to find a permanent company-driven marketing model for Kainuu's tourism industry. The region's tourism areas Vuokatti and Kajaani, Idän Taiga ry's Kuhmo and Suomussalmi, Oulunjärven Jättiläiset ry's Paltamo and Vaala, Ukkohalla's area as well as Puolanka-Paljakka travelunion's area take part in the process of furthering the tourism industry. Kuhmo, Suomussalmi, Paltamo, Vaala, Ukkohalla and Puolanka-Paljakka travel unio area. The aim is that all areas develop their operations and strengths in line with Kainuu's mutual tourism brand and marketing. The tourism industry's top development tools are nature tourism, culture and event tourism, spare-time tourism including well-being tourism and encouragement and meeting tourism.

Creative fields

The region programme's highlighted culture and sports opportunities are incentives that can be used to increase revenue brought by travellers. Kainuun Etu Ltd. sees culture development's starting point to be year-round events and the production of the things that Kainuu has to offer. Kainuun Etu Ltd. acts as a regional intermediary organisation that gives its own expertise and resources for the industry operators. Even now, culture and content production projects include travel companies, and the cooperation between the aforementioned operators will be further increased.

Food industry

The opportunities in Kainuu's food industry are tied with the ability to answer the consumers' renewable interest. The region's current companies mostly produce the day to day consumption quota but there are also low-volume companies that produce traditional meals from local ingredients. Kainuun Etu Ltd. has set its goal to strengthen the allure of the local food culture by raising the respect towards the region's own food. The task requires marketing and product development: new innovative ideas and knowledge on developing specialised products will be drawn for the companies. The challenge is the development of local and convenient food production to serve the needs of, for example, care companies, schools and institutions. It is vital that the region's other actors will join as support groups behind these common goals.

Kainuu's tourism strategy 2011-2020 as well as operation programme 2011-2015

Kainuu's tourism strategy process was actualized through forum activity between 2009-2010 and it was approved in 2011 by Kainuu's regional board.

Kainuu's tourism strategy is based on tourism sector's significant position in Kainuu's entire business life. The central parts of the strategy are in line with the regulations of Finland's national tourism strategy. The most central goal of the strategy is the centralization of development activities in to concentrations of tourism and through that the spreading of the local impact to the entire region.

The update to the tourism strategy and operation programme will be actualized during 2016 in cooperation with tourism companies and development organizations. The update will be coordinated by the regional council of Kainuu.

  • Kainuu's tourism strategy 2011-2020 (in Finnish)
  • Operation programme 2011-2015 (in Finnish)

  • Kainuu's tourism statistics: registered over night stays (Statistics Finland)


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  • International EDEN-network:

    In 2008, Wild Taiga from the region of Kainuu was selected as the winner in the theme of "Intangible Heritage" in the international EDEN competition. Wild Taiga has been a member in the international EDEN-network since 2009. Today the network has 89 travel destinations from 22 countries.

    For further information regarding the international EDEN-network as well as the Wild Taiga travel destination, visit https://youredenexperience.com/ and https://wildtaiga.fi.