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The future of Kainuu is tied with
successful businesses.

Kainuun Etu Ltd. exists to help companies which are interested in developing their business.

Kainuun Etu is owned by the eight (8) municipalities of Kainuu region. It is the regional development company of the region. Its purpose is to serve the growth of the regional economy. It is by its articles of association policy implementer and policy adviser. Thus, Kainuun Etu is a member of the regional planning and implementing groups, led by the Regional Council of Kainuu.

During its existence, Kainuun Etu Ltd. has made it possible to realise projects requested by companies for the value of more than 60 million euros. The funds have been obtained mainly from the European Union and from the companies involved. By means of these development projects, together with the entrepreneurs and development partners, we have been able to create growth and improve the vitality of the region. By means of the growth and regeneration of the companies, we create steady jobs.


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Business growth service

Growth through cooperation

The objective of the business growth service is to encourage and help SMEs in Kainuu to expand and develop their operations as well as seek growth in Kainuu, in Finland and in international markets. The goal is to improve the productivity and ambition of the companies whilst simultaneously improving the quality of working life.


FDI and ICT services

Kainuun Etu Ltd. supports the business life in Kainuu by getting investments in the region.

Foreign Direct Investment, i.e. FDI activities are an essential part of the Invest in Kainuu task of Kainuun Etu Ltd. as well as of two IT-clusters of Kainuun Etu Ltd.: DIGITICE Finland and KAVIO Cluster.


Experience production

Kainuun Etu Ltd.'s services further the readiness of companies in Kainuu to provide versatile experiences to national and international travellers.

The tourism sector of Kainuu gets its power from the unique nature experiences of the region. The familiar strengths, culture and sports, now have game and film industries on their side as new developers of attraction.


Mining industry

Mines employ and provide a wide spectrum of business opportunities for companies in Kainuu.

New business opportunities, eco-efficient production and networked services that support the mining industry have been selected as the top development tools of Kainuu's mining industry.


Bio economy

Bio economy is the production of products and services using renewable resources.

Developing the bio economy offers a global opportunity for strengthening sustainable development, as bio economy prevents the eco systems from weakening and at the same time creates new green economy jobs.


European projects

Kainuun Etu Ltd. furthers international collaboration

Kainuun Etu Ltd. has a long track record of Interreg projects and other research and development projects in collaboration with partners around the EU. In these projects, Kainuun Etu strives to empower the competitive force of the region and the capacity for entrepreneurship and innovation.


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