Project objectives

Optimisation of the Digitalisation – Welfare and Health (DIHYTE) project aims to develop and boost social, healthcare and welfare services and their development. It also aims to encour-age and embrace new approaches. The project's goals are to develop digital services and content in health care and welfare services, and to find new approaches and models to create more cost-efficient, innovative and versatile services in co-operation with Kainuun sosiaali- ja terveydenhuollon kuntayhtymä (Kainuun Sote), Kainuun Etu Ltd., local university, private care services and ICT companies.

The main goal of the project is to enhance and develop digital services and content for pub-lic and private social, healthcare and welfare services. The project also enhances the adapta-tion of new approaches to improve the efficiency of services and to improve the coverage and availability of these services.

The main optimisation targets of the project are divided in three categories:

1.Virtual services

To promote the virtual production of services and content, like public services (KELA), third party provided services or virtual remote services for social and care service customers (information, tracking, activation, reminding and other support services)


Citizens' self-care will be developed and encouraged with self-care services and solutions (for example digital medical checks, self-measuring equipment, and public and private digital health accounts)

3.Intelligent environment

The development of the intelligent environment includes, for example, the in-depth utilisation of software, care information chain, serious games, the development of service portals and the utilisation of sensor technologies and robotics. Also, utilisation of Big Data of health information and 3D technologies will be researched.

Project results

The result of the project, new digital social, health care and welfare service models, operation processes, solutions and ecosystems will be developed in Kainuu region (excl. Vaala) and possibly for nationwide implementation. With new digital solutions and models, the health and welfare of the people, especially social and elder people related services, will be improved; self-help and self-care of the people will be strengthened, and the sharing of health information will be improved. The project will create the demand for services, products and expertise of the company network and actors of the project and hence grow the business opportunities, turnover and regional economics.

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Project information
Hankkeen tiedot

Digitaalisuuden optimointi Kainuussa - hyvinvointi ja terveys

Implementation time:

11.01.2016 - 31.03.2018


398 000€


Regional Council of Kainuu (ERDF): 70% / 278 000€
Private funding: 10% / 39 800€
Kainuu's social and healthcare services' funding:
10% / 39 800€
Kainuun Etu Ltd.'s funding:
10% / 39 800€

Kainuun sosiaali- ja terveydenhuollon kuntayhtymä

More information:
Emma Niskasaari
Project coordinator, Kainuun sote
+358 (0)44 7975321