Project background

DIGITICE Finland -project, The Finnish National Data Centre and Digital Business Cluster, is an information intensive, business ecosystem's development project. The project forms primarily around the operations and services of Finnish commercial data centres and around the ICT-, gaming- and digital industries that are located in Renforsin Ranta, Kajaani, Kainuu.

The project reinforces business operation opportunities, competition, internalisation and the research and development of its cluster companies and partners. The cluster industry's education is also supported with the help of the project's and the cluster partner's expertise. The goal of the project is to support the region's companies and provide jobs.

Project objectives

  • Cluster development and the business model's reinforcement: The continuity of the DIGITICE-concept.
  • Reinforcement of the business operation opportunities, competition, internationalising and the research and development of the cluster companies and partners.
  • The support of local and national operators' investment and export operations.
  • Increase in jobs and maintaining the existing jobs
  • Business growth in Kainuu and in Finland

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    Project information
    Hankkeen tiedot

    DIGITICE Finland, The Finnish National Data Center and Digital Business Cluster

    Implementation time:

    01.01.2015 - 31.12.2016


    1 054 000€


    Regional development fund:
    60% / 632 400€
    Private funding: 30% / 316 200€
    Kainuun Etu Ltd.'s funding:
    10% / 105 400€

    Markus Leinonen

    Project Manager

    +358 44 551 3831
    Kainuun Etu on palkittu Euroopan parhaana aluekehitysyhtiönä 2016