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Growth for Kainuu - development of leadership and personnel -ESF project is a part of a larger Growth for Kainuu -project entity. The entire project entity's operation is related to furthering the growth and development of the companies in Kainuu. This project's goal is to improve the productivity and ambition of the companies whilst simultaneously improving the quality of working life. The starting point for supporting and improving the quality of working life is that the subject is seen as something important in the company and it will be taken as a part of the company's business strategy. This is how the company can successfully carry out operations to support and improve the quality of working life.

The project carries out generic and specific trainings according to the companies' needs, which will try to have an effect on furthering growth, internationalisation and ownership changes. The project operations support and ensure the adaptability and control of the companies in situations involving change. The project's purpose is also the development of new operation models for organisation and leadership and to utilise existing satisfactory models. The concrete actions can be, for example, generic couching and training related to different themes. Other concrete actions could be company-specific trainings, generic and company-specific services and actions related to the development of well-being in the workplace.

The project began at the start of 2015. Overall 29 events were organised during 2015. Some of these had different kinds of themed events/training while others were company-specific trainings that came directly from the needs of the individual companies. Examples of this kind of company-specific training were, among other things, "turning point of trade" (Kaupan murros) -couching series as well as "growth company's contracts" (kasvuyrityksen sopimukset) -training. On top of these, the project has helped companies to participate in events that serve their specific needs (for example Lean Management -training). The themes of the training have supported the companies' own growth plans. Themed events have been, for example, morning coffee events that have started with a guest talking about something related to the theme of well-being in the workplace, followed by stimulating relevant discussion.

Generic training and themed events have usually had around 10-50 attendants. The most participants were in the Games Behind Business - Business Behind Games event that had roughly 250 guests. Some of the events have been organised in cooperation with other central operators in Kainuu. The nature of the company-specific trainings has been, among other things, the kind where supporting training has been organised to support specific development actions (for example one company received a "commissioning of a grocery security system" -training). Or the training exercise has been organised by someone else, and the training has increased the company's proficiency in that training's theme.

ELY-centre's parallel project and this project are related, since it can be utilised in organising joint acquisition events that support the Growth for Kainuu project. The first one of these was an event called "commercial producer" (kaupallinen tuottaja) recruiting training that lasted for five (5) months. The training was a success and similar training will be carried out in the future. Other joint acquisition training that supports company growth will also be carried out through the parallel project.

Project works as a part of working life 2020 - Kainuu's regional network (työelämä 2020 - Kainuun alueverkosto). The network is a part of a national working life 2020 –project (työe-lämä 2020 -project). Growth for Kainuu -ESF project is a central operator in the regional network. The purpose of the network is to coordinate the actions that are related to improving the quality of working life in Kainuu. Additionally, it organises different kinds of actions that are related to the goals of the national project regionally.

The project continues until the end of 2017. The project will be continued per the project plan. During the years of 2016-2017 the emphasis is on the training that caters to the companies' specific needs. Additionally, company-specific actions that increase well-being in the work-place will be carried out more frequently.

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Project information
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Kasvua Kainuuseen - Johdon ja henkilöstön kehittäminen

Implementation time:

1.1.2015 - 31.12.2017


982 623€


ESF 80%
Municipality funding 18%
Kainuun Etu Ltd. 2%

Ari Kainulainen

Project manager

+358 44 551 4565
Katri Roininen

Project assistant

+358 44 551 4640
Matti Luukkonen

Project director

+358 44 551 4561
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