China Info Center


KAINUU CHINA INFO CENTER is a Kainuu-based, China-focused, professional service platform.

We provide expert service for Kainuu actors including companies, development organisations, research institutions, educational organisations and public actors. The expert service will help companies to make business connection in China and to maintain professional relationships with the Chinese partners. Our goal is to make it easier for companies to access China market and joint-research projects in a systematic way. The service is free of charge.

In practice, we will gather information about the needs of Kainuu-based actors, and based on those needs, the service will then be developed on a case-by-case basis.

We offer variety of services to help you connect with your Chinese clientele including but not limited to:

  • Information service
  • Joint-research
  • Cultural sensitivity training
  • Social media marketing training
  • Strategic advice on becoming "China Ready"
  • Increasing the visibility of your brand, business or product/service in China
  • On-site interpretation service
  • Organising and hosting Chinese delegation visits or joining a business trip to China.

    We are ready to deliver any of your Chinese specific requirements on a pre-agreed basis.

  • Contact us with your requirements:

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